Elucidating the mechanism of cellular uptake

Associate Professor, Department of Surgical Oncology, Division of Surgery and Department of Genomic Medicine, Division of Cancer Medicine The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Slide Presentation Dr.Wargo's research focuses on critical studies to better understand the effects of BRAF inhibition on immune responses in melanoma, and establishing a unique set of serial tumor biopsies and blood samples from patients enrolled in clinical trials on BRAF inhibitors.Most recently, his preclinical studies have focused on combinations of immune checkpoint blockade and T-cell therapy, as well as rational combinations of targeted therapies and immunotherapies.In recognition of his outstanding contributions to cancer research, Dr.Wargo to continue this work and to build a program to collect serial biopsies in patients with melanoma and other cancers on targeted therapy and immunotherapy, and to better understand responses to therapy and to develop novel strategies to combat resistance.

Recognition of HPV infection as the main cause of cervical cancer and a high proportion of several other cancers has led to several successful etiology-based interventions.

The relevance of these advances to other cancers, including tumors not attributable to infectious oncogenic agents, will be discussed. Lowy has helped to lead NCI’s key scientific initiatives. Lowy received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Obama in 2014 for his research that led to the development of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

As chief of the Laboratory of Cellular Oncology in the Center for Cancer Research at NCI, Dr.

Lowy’s research includes the biology of papillomaviruses and the regulation of normal and neoplastic growth. Lowy has received numerous honors in addition to the National Medal, including the 2017 Lasker-De Bakey Clinical Medical Research Award, the 2011 Albert B.

Sabin Gold Medal Award and the Federal Employee of the Year Award in 2007 from the Partnership for Public Service.

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