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With such a power in the Church and in each believer, it is truly a wonder that we are not all consumed!

The pure preaching of the Word tolerates nothing foreign to the body of Christ. One either has the new life of Christ in him, or he does not.

Enemy bacteria and viruses attack with a variety of strategies.

Some of the enemies attempt to disguise themselves to evade detection, some come in a great variety of shapes to confuse the security, and some come with brute force in an attempt to overwhelm the security.

The immune system must therefore be able to distinguish between all the various enemies and at the same time leave the body itself in all its variations untouched and safe.

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A slight change in temperature, or chemical balance will wreck havoc in the body.

Only after a foreign material such as food or water has been carefully prepared for the body in the digestive system will it be received in the body.

When one studies the immune system he is immediately impressed with the fact that it is quite remarkable that we are alive while such a deadly force as the immune system prowls throughout the body.

THURSDAY EARLY MORNING: Over the West Philippine Sea as it regains strength...about 335 km West-Northwest of Iba, Zambales [2AM JUL 17: 16.4N 117.1E @ 110kph].

From the perspective of the inner workings of our body, the external environment is seething with enemies looking for an opportunity to attack and destroy life.

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