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His Hero Core is exceptionally pure, thought to be the purest in existence.

Bulk - Dunkan Bulk is a physically imposing, powerful senior Alpha 1 member, whose impressive strength belies a growing intelligence.

A further episode titled "Invasion from Below" was produced by Lego with design partner Advance and animation company Ghost.

Stormer - Preston Stormer is the no-nonsense leader of Alpha 1, plagued by his failure in a past mission, and demanding in his expectations of all team members.The series centers on the missions of the Alpha 1 Team, the most praised and experienced Hero team at the Hero Factory.Led by veteran Hero Preston Stormer, the team comprises senior members Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer, original rookies and later fully fledged teammates William Furno, Mark Surge and Natalie Breez and current rookies Julius Nex, Nathan Evo and Daniel Rocka. From the episode "Ordeal of Fire" onward, the Heroes are upgraded into new "2.0" forms as part of a new Hero building system introduced to the Hero Factory.A skilled Hero, Stormer has experienced hundreds of battles, and is a natural leader.He is very competitive, and specifically targeted the post of Alpha 1 leader because he believed he would excel in it.

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