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While many might complain that all Laura cooked was Italian, let’s understand the facts – She’s eighteen and can cook Italian cuisine good enough to win an immunity pin (you compete against a pro for that). She can work with meats and seafood and makes some badass pasta. Jamie displayed growth that was fascinating to watch. But more than anything else, this season was about trends that will, in probability, continue in the next seasons.He had his share of pitfalls but the fellow nailed it during the top ten challenges. Unfortunately, most of these trends are, well, unfortunate.He gave 000 of his 0000 prize money to fellow contestant Emelia Jackson. , for people who come home tired at the end of the day to knock out a stellar dish with minimal effort.

PS: If you could have any meal prepared for you to celebrate the end of the show, who would cook it and what would it be?

There’s something Matt Preston said in season 6 of Masterchef Australia that I will never forget – the chicken is so juicy, it’s almost like it’s weeping in my mouth. Cooking was treated like a dramatic art form, with contestants mentored by some of the world’s best culinary artists delivering food that was aesthetic, flavoursome and theatrical in presentation.

What was most satisfying was the fact that the challenges had gotten more brutal than ever before and that can only be credited to the skill sets the talented bunch of amateur chefs possessed.

The young grand finalists, who will compete for the grand prize in a series of challenges, have promising food futures ahead of them, and as second runner-up Emelia Jackson has proven, you don't need to place first for a foot in the door. Every opportunity to speak to our loved ones was so appreciated and they were a huge, huge, huge support for me.

Laura and Brent may be competitors — when there's 0,000 cash, a cookbook publishing deal, work experience in Australia's top restaurants and a car at stake, you have to have a competitive streak — but they're also great friends, so we asked them to fill out one last questionnaire ahead of tonight's grand finale. POPSUGAR Australia: What was the Master Chef challenge that changed everything for you, like a turning point in the competition? All my knowledge and skills have been learnt through the box. PS: What was your game plan going into the grand final?

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