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The only additional information I could find was at a site by Aerofiles.

This site describes itself as "the Internet's largest and most comprehensive, non-commercial research and reference site about our nation's contributions in the exciting field of aeronautics" (Web site address listed in Sources Cited below).

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On November 15, 1929, Capen had flown over Lincoln College and was approaching the Kruger Elevator when witnesses saw the plane "begin to wobble." Tragically, it then crashed, "striking its nose on the Chicago and Alton tracks, rolling down the embankment, bursting into flame, and killing Capen" I did a brief search of the Web, hoping to find more information and a photo.Left to right, Raymond Armbrust, Ed Hickey, Elmer Moiser, and Earl La Panse. Leigh's note: Elmer must have liked his boss to be giving such an affectionate pat on the patoot.Photo courtesy of Dave Armbrust Using the microfilm material obtained by Dave from the Lincoln Public Library, I created a PDF of the Courier's articles on the Capen crash.Welding and metal fittings were done at the Lincoln Casket Company factory" (Gehlbach, p. Test flights were successful from May through July of 1929.The airstrip was in a pasture of the Ahrens farm south of the Kruger Elevator near Route 4 (later Route 66).

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