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I lived a normal life and had a couple of regular girls.

That was, until THC said he was coming to the Philippines and since he didn’t enjoy it the first time, I wanted me to show him why I loved the country so much.

I’ve got some very cool first date tips for men that will have her itching to meet you again because she’s never been on a first date like it!

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Then carry on yapping as if that never even happened. Touching her lower lips allows you to stimulate one of the most erogenous zones in a woman’s body.Do it in conjunction with my other seduction routines and you will have the girl take you back home that very night instead of making you wait several months.And hey; I just told you about her eyes and lower lip, you can always go exploring in the nape of her neck, the small of her back; you never know.Only when you have been together for months, had sex, had it dozens of times and are totally comfortable around each other would you do something as intimate as brushing off dirt of your girl’s eye. This is your secret psychological weapon that you can use to make a girl feel that she has been with your since ages.During your conversation, tell her to stay still and close her eyes.

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