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What are the learning experiences got from the show? I have most of my scenes with Nivedita Saraf, who has been there in the industry for a long time and is a seasoned actor. You have been seen in Telugu movies; how have you felt the difference?

One of the main differences is the language where I just have to speak what is told in movies.

Sonakshi's mom gets hit with the bullet instead." it is then revealed that Sonakshi's mother is also Nainas mother.

At the wedding she sees Daksh again and neither are happy meeting each other.

Sapno Se Bhare Naina (English: Eyes Full Of Dreams) is an Indian soap opera which aired on Star Plus from December 2010 through February 2012.

The plot centers around the life of Naina Bhardwaj who was raised by her late father and her stepmother who tended to be emotionally cold.

Initially I felt a little let down but today I am happy that the TRP is also not that bad because there are shows in the prime-time too that are not doing really well.

And also when the show is in the prime-time, there are a lot of expectations from the audience.

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