Type 1 diabetes camp for adults

We will not try to duplicate their effort, rather this space will be about taking your diabetes to Disney World. The second was diagnosed at the ripe old age of 7, the first day of a Disney vacation a year later. Since that first diagnosis we have been trying to reconcile how to do Disney and be Diabetic.

Here are just a few links About Us We have a vested interest in this topic as we have multiple DVC contracts, multiple T1 kids and are very regular Disney World vacationers. The Dunlaps Cool People Joel is a Special Food Needs Guy at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It took us two years and probably 5 trips to find a good guy that could help with type 1 diabetes (and of the Disney dwarfs, we ain't Bashful).

Basal - Insulin for basic metabolic functions, like breathing -- some folks think of it as background insulin. A good way to know how much insulin you need to take. To that end, I think we have a medical or at least mental heath need for Disney vacations!

Bolus - Insulin taken to cover the carbohydrates in food BG - Blood Glucose BS - Bad Carb Factors - A means of calculating the amount of carbs you eat by weighing food and applying factors to that weight to calculate carbs. Call your Endo for an Rx and your travel agent for tickets! Those who confuse the two are in my experience not much fun at all and most likely to replace a grave demeanor for a thoughtful and caring approach to life.

The more of us who ask, the more Disney will get the idea that we are out here and need help in the form of carb counts to enjoy the Disney experience.

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You can also send in stuff through the magic of All Ears. Insulin On Board (IOB) - Insulin you have already taken by shot or pump that has yet to be metabolized.Every food, beverage, meal, snack and even condiment served at the convention by Disney catering had a little placard by it listing the nutrition information and serving size.The US Surgeon General took the time in his talk on health literacy to comment on how useful and valuable this information is not only to diabetics but as part of the very health literacy every American should seek out. We are here for travel tips, not to give medical advice. The point of this little bit of cyberspace is to be a place to collect and share thoughts on successfully managing vacations at Disney World with Type 1 diabetes. Fun for those who read it and fun for those who contribute to it.

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