Updating nokia n800

Nokia had the foresight to give the tablet the ability to look like a USB mass storage device to a PC when a USB cable is connected.I have two 8GB SD cards in my N800, and I always leave a couple gigs of storage available on one of the cards, so that in a pinch, I can jack the tablet up to a PC and use it as a portable hard disk. Another useful “hack” that's really easy is installing Linux applications that have been ported to the tablet.Then download, save, and install the file (Settings - Install from file). She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses.

That's one type of hack for the tablet, but there are many others.Next, download the Linux “flasher” utility and the latest firmware image for your particular tablet to your PC.Ensure that the battery on your tablet is fully charged, power off the tablet, and connect the tablet to your PC.The tips needed to get ssh root access working again mainly came from here.Most of my previously installed packages in OS2007 are already available for OS2008.

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