Updating paths is incompatible with switching branche

Note that 1025 and older branches contain only CEF1 source code and that 1547 and newer branches contain only CEF3 source code.Building from source code is currently supported on Windows, mac OS and Linux platforms.CEF provides tools for automatically downloading, building and packaging Chromium and CEF source code.

The script will create a 32-bit build on Windows by default.The Spotify automated builder provides CEF builds for the current Chromium stable channel and will switch to the next Chromium branch when that branch is promoted to the stable channel.Updating CEF branches is currently a manual process so there will likely be a delay between Chromium release announcements and the availability of associated CEF builds.If you run the script and CEF or Chromium updates are pending the “/path/to/download/chromium/src/cef” directory will be removed and replaced with a clean copy from “/path/to/download/cef_(branch)” (specify the command-line flag to disable updates).Make sure to back up any changes that you made in the “/path/to/download/chromium/src/cef” directory before re-running the script.

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