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Delko pressed his mother for the truth after he revealed that he knew his American birth certificate was a forgery, and had acquired his real birth certificate from Cuba.

He told her he became suspicious after realizing several key facts in the story of their arrival in the US changing each time she told it.

Also she told him that his biological father was a terrible man, and wanted to shield Eric from him by hiding his identity with the forged papers.

It was Delko's biological father, in fact, who had ordered the hit on him.

Despite the trauma of the incident, he insists on working the scene with the rest of his team. In "Shattered", Delko's job is endangered when he is arrested for drug possession, but it is discovered that the marijuana was for his sister Marisol to ease the pain of her leukemia treatments.

Later on the Connie, dies and visits her in the morgue to pay his respects. Eric is taken hostage with others at a bank when a group of armed teenagers show up to rob it (episode 409, "Urban Hellraisers").

Eric is also the team's underwater recovery expert.

While trying to rescue a woman kidnapped by escapee Clavo Cruz, Delko was critically wounded by one of Cruz's henchmen. Delko left the team temporarily in season eight but returned to the series temporarily in Delko for the Defense, when he consulted a defense lawyer in a murder case. He takes things personally, especially cases which he feels strongly about.

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Eric was a tow truck driver at the time and was on a quest to find sunglasses for Caine.

He is also shown to be very protective of women, despite being a bit of a 'player', especially if they are being abused or in an abusive relationship (episode 513, "Throwing Heat").

Eric seems to have some personal issues, as is shown by him occasionally seeing therapists.

When his mother was pregnant with Eric, his father decided that he wanted a better life for his family, so he moved the clan to Miami not long after, and shortened the family name to Delko.

It has been recently revealed that Eric was born in Cuba before his mother and adoptive father arrived in the USA before receiving fake birth documents for him.

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